If you'd like to share some kind words and smiles, please ask our front desk staff for a comment card at your next appointment. We'd love to hear about your experience!

“If you need braces, Dr. Rinaldi's office is the place to go! There is nothing that's not to like about her office. There are games for the kids, magazines for the adults, and couches for everyone. The staff is very polite and they do a great job helping you take care of your mouth. Dr. Rinaldi knows what she is doing and you won't leave there disappointed! I had an experience where there was a problem with one of my doors to my braces; Dr. Rinaldi personally came over and fixed the door herself. That's called quality care! I've never had a bad experience with their office after almost two and a half years and this is the one orthodontist to go to!” – Neal Kapoor

“Dr. Rinaldi is a wonderful orthodontist! She always listens to her patients’ concerns and is very accommodating to patients’ orthodontic goals. I would whole-heartedly recommend Rinaldi Orthodontics. The entire staff is amazing as well. Personally, I've had another orthodontist and that experience was nowhere near as positive as what I've experienced with Dr. Rinaldi's office. If you are thinking about having braces, don't wait. Rinaldi Orthodontics definitely receives my recommendation.” – Michael Kerr

“I can smile again! Everyone at Rinaldi has been wonderful and this has been the best orthodontic experience ever! You all are the best!” – Terri Hunt

“Being a patient of severe TMJ, I can say that Dr. Rinaldi has changed my life. Her attention to detail, compassion, and sincere personality exceeded my expectations of correcting my TMJ. The staff at Rinaldi Orthodontics is amazing!” – Emily King

“As a child/teen, I never got braces like I should have. I have a big smile, but have always been embarrassed to smile because of my teeth. Using Invisalign® helped me achieve a smile that I am very happy with. Thank you Invisalign and Dr. Rinaldi—I would recommend you to anyone!” – Kelly Wones

“Rinaldi Orthodontics gave me a new smile that I'm proud of and that I will show off. Dr. Rinaldi and the team are awesome. They're really helpful, kind, and they care about you and your teeth and it shows! Everybody is friendly. Going to Dr. Rinaldi's office isn't a scary or dreaded experience. Instead, you actually have a good time. Thanks for helping me out Dr. Rinaldi and the team!” – Shivank Singh

“I think that it was well worth it! I don't have to worry about crooked teeth anymore! The braces definitely paid off and I love the end result! Thank you!!!” – Emily Borgemenke

“Rinaldi Orthodontics did a marvelous job giving me a terrific smile. They know exactly what they do and they do it very well. If you give them enough time and cooperation, the results are sure to be great!"” – Shakib Islam

“Thank you all for taking such excellent care of me. My thesis defense went well, and I had just as many compliments on my smile as my research! Thanks so much for all you do!” – Jennifer Prather

“As an adult patient, Dr. Rinaldi and her staff have made my experience of braces as painless as possible. After careful consideration of my ‘almost surgical’ case, Dr. Rinaldi provided me with several treatment options and allowed me to select the choice that I was most comfortable with. Nearly ten months into treatment, I could not be happier with how my teeth are progressing. Every time I visit their office, Dr. Rinaldi and her staff are pleasant, personable, and they are quite accommodating to my schedule. I always look forward to my next appointment. I would wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Rinaldi and her staff to anyone in need of orthodontic services.” – Dr. Cricket Meehan

“Even though my work has taken me out of state, it is still so worth it to keep coming back to Rinaldi Orthodontics for my treatment.” – James

“I could not have picked a better place to come for my orthodontic needs! I'm glad my dentist sent me to you. You and your staff are so nice. I am doing great adjusting to my braces. I was a little worried at first, but then I thought how my smile would change, and that's okay! You and your staff are the best. See you soon!” – Justice Spurlock

“A big Thank You to everyone there in helping us reach our goal of getting Lindsay’s braces off in time for her Sweet 16 birthday party. To the ladies at the front desk who took my phone calls and arranged last minute appointments for us. A big Thank You to the ladies in the back who worked on Lindsay at each and every appointment! And to you Dr. Rinaldi, for giving Lindsay a wonderful smile and beautiful teeth! She beamed all night long at her party. Memories were made that night… After our consultation two years ago when we first met you, you took the time on a Sunday to call us at home to check on Lindsay. I knew then that we had a great guy in our corner!!” – The Siebels

“Having braces and orthodontic work is something that I am very familiar with as I have received orthodontic work for years. Dr. Rinaldi has made this experience better than I ever could have imagined. She and her staff are great! I have always trusted their knowledge and the decisions that they have made and I could not be happier with my smile. Not only are Dr. Rinaldi and her staff very knowledgeable, they are some of the nicest people and they make the overall experience very delightful. Her office has great atmosphere and always feels welcoming. I owe many thanks to Dr. Rinaldi, and I love my smile!” – Matt Gerbich

“Thank you so much for the extra time and consideration you showed to our family. I really am thankful for you and your desire to make sure the boys have great care. Thank you again!” – Scheri Marrow

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